Ultrasound scan is the use of high frequency sound to obtain images of the organs of the body. It is one of the tests carried out especially for pregnant women to determine the well being and state of their babies.

At Dunamis Diagnostic Services we offer ultrasound scans for various clinical investigations ranging from: Abdominal scan which looks at the liver, kidney, pancreas, spleen, bowel loops and also the muscle layer of the abdominal organ.
Scanning of small parts like: thyroid, breast, scrotal and transvaginal scanning, especially on infertility and it will also interest you to know that we are the best in helping mother plan for gender selection before conception.

We also carry out vascular scanning which has made it possible for us to look at the internal vessels without surgical incision.


4D sonography

In furtherance of our ultrasound scanning. We also carry out 4-D sonography services and this creates a unique bonding between mothers and their babies even when within the womb. Also with 4-D scan, we have been able to detect some defects like cleft lip with ease in fetus.

4-D sonography is very interesting though, can be challenging especially when there is little amniotic fluid within the womb and also at late trimester stage of pregnancy when the fetus is very big and lying in a position that makes the visualisation of the face difficult.

With our 4D, we have been able to explain and show pictorial evidence of pathologies that was not possible or easy with only 2D ultrasound. We are always seen as the last resort within our locality especially when there is pathology from 2D scanning.