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Digital Xray

Our group of trained and certified radiographers ensures our patient convenience, proper procedures and accurate results.

Our range of examinations include routine procedures e.g: upper and lower extremities, skull, lumbosacral spine , etc and also special procedures e.g. barium studies, Cysto-urethrogram, Hystero-salpingography etc. We meet your needs when it comes to digital x-ray procedures.



Mammography is a specialized medical screening that uses a low dose radiation to see inside the breast. It aids in the early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases. Dunamis diagnostic services offers the most reliable and convenient services when it comes to this procedure, our results are reliable and accurate.

Our package include;
* Screening Mammogram: to detect early lesions in asymptomatic patients.
* Diagnostic Mammogram : To image the breast for diagnosis of previously identified suspicious breast lesion
* Surveillance Mammogram: to assess recurrence of maligning in patient with known history of breast lesions.